Our Story

The inspiration for Willow & Ruby came to be from years of traveling and working all around the world, being exposed to different cultures and ways of living.  Claire then came back home to South Africa and fell in love with the South African coastal way of life, here on the beautiful north coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Realising we have a wealth of highly talented local artists and designers and wanting to support and make a difference, we took over the existing boutique, Willow in the Sage Centre, in September 2018, turning it into Willow & Ruby, adding our personal touches as well as our passion for ethical, sustainable and conscious lifestyle products. The carefully curated pieces within our fashion, homeware, accessories and lifestyle ranges show our heart for others in our local and international communities.

beautiful dresses, women's fashion, clothing, women's dresses, boho style to chic, casual and timeless fashion pieces

We believe in the power of storytelling, chasing your dreams, and being comfortable in your own
skin. We look to contribute beauty to this world...not only aesthetically...but sustainably. 

All of our choices affect the outcome of this beautiful planet.

Together we can make a difference.