Mana Soap - Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Mana Soap - Aloe Vera & Cucumber

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Our Aloe Vera & Cucumber cleansing bar.

A divine healing bar packed with excellent hydrating abilities. These two incredible ingredients work hand-in-hand in brighitening up your skin, giving it a natural, hydrated glow reducing any redness & inflimation. It is perfect for dry, itchy skin & skin that is highy exposed to the sun.






  • This bar contains all natural ingredients.

    Extra virgin organic Coconut oil, extra virgin Olive oil, sweet Almond oil, organic Aloe vera gel, Bentonite clay, water, lye, Cucumber phytelene & Aloe vera phytelene.

    Phytelene-  the liquid from plants ( cucumber & aloe vera) containing highly benificial properties for the skin.

    *No animal products are used in the making of this soap bar.


    e 150 grams